Arguing: Provoking Others to Argue or Fight

English Conversation Questions on Provoking Others to Argue or Fight

  • Do you think some people like provoking others to start an argument?
  • What do you think of provocateurs?
  • Do you know any people who like provoking others to have fights with each other?
  • Do you think politicians usually bring provocative topics to start an argument?
  • Are you easily driven to an argument by a provocateur?
  • Do you think some of the people go to a pub just to start an argument and have a fight?
  • Have you ever┬áhad to stop any people who almost started a fight because their opinions were different?
  • Do you personally like to be provocative sometimes? If so, isn’t it a bad habit?
  • In which situations do you like being a little or more provocative?

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