Computers: Hardware I Have

English Conversation Questions on Hardware I Have

  • Besides your PC, which other hardware do you have?
  • What size is your computer screen?
  • Do you prefer a large screen or a small screen?
  • Do you have a computer capable of processing 3D games?
  • Can you type well?
  • Do you have a LED lighted keyboard?
  • Do you prefer having a touchscreen?
  • Do you prefer typing on a keyboard or touching the screen? Or both?
  • Do you often use a printer?
  • Do you have a scanner?
  • Do you have any special hardware for playing games?
  • Can you set up the router or do you have an IT specialist to do it for you?
  • Can you solve most of the hardware problems on your own or do you rather leave it to an IT professional?
  • Can you imagine having just a smartphone and no computer anymore?
  • Are the ICT rooms at schools in your country equipped with new computers?

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