Customs: Wedding Customs

English Conversation Questions on Wedding Customs

  • Have you been to a wedding?
  • Have you ever been to an unusual wedding?
  • In your culture, what does the bride usually gave to do on the wedding day?
  • What about the groom, what does he usually have to do on the wedding day?
  • Is changing the wedding rings a common thing on the wedding day in your country?
  • Who is the marriage officiant in your country who make the couple a husband and wife?
  • What is the usual place to have a wedding in your country?
  • Have you experienced something unusual on a wedding you visited as a wedding guest?
  • How big is normally the wedding in your country?
  • Is it common to bring a wedding present in your country? Is it something typical, or just money etc.?
  • Which wedding customs would you never want to have on your wedding day? Why?

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