Easter and me

English Conversation Questions on Easter and me

  • How do you usually celebrate Easter?
  • What are some of your favorite Easter traditions?
  • What is the significance of Easter in your culture or religion?
  • Do you have any memorable Easter experiences from your childhood?
  • What is your favorite Easter food or treat?
  • Do you participate in Easter egg hunts? What are some of the best places you have hunted for eggs?
  • Have you ever made any Easter crafts or decorations? If so, what did you create?
  • Do you have any special Easter activities or events that you look forward to each year?
  • Are there any Easter traditions from other cultures or countries that you find interesting?
  • How has your perception or celebration of Easter changed over the years?
  • Do you have any Easter-related anecdotes or stories you’d like to share?

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