Health: Backache and Headache

English Conversation Questions on Backache and Headache

  • Do you often have a backache?
  • Where exactly do you sometimes have a backache?
  • Do you think you know why you have a backache?
  • Do you have a backache because you keep sitting at a computer at work too much?
  • Do you think your backache comes from not having regular exercise?
  • What helps you when you have a backache?
  • Do you often have a headache?
  • Do you think your headache comes from a lot of stress you have?
  • Do you think a headache is a civilization disease?
  • What do you do when you have a headache?
  • Have you ever visited a doctor when you head a headache or a backache?
  • Do you take a lot of painkillers?

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