Health: Sleeping Well, Insomnia

English Conversation Questions on Sleeping Well, Insomnia

  • Do you usually sleep well?
  • Do you think you sleep too much?
  • Do you like taking a nap during the day?
  • When was the last time you overslept and came late somewhere?
  • Do you like setting up more alarm clocks?
  • Do you think having more alarm clocks in the morning is healthy?
  • Do you often wake up during the night?
  • Why do people usually wake up during the night?
  • Do you have problems falling asleep?
  • Do you know anybody who has been suffering from insomnia?
  • Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis?
  • What do you think can help you to be able to fall asleep?
  • Do you think getting physically tired can help you to sleep well?
  • Do you think stress can cause sleeplessness?
  • How do you feel during the day if you didn’t have enough sleep during the night?
  • Have you ever fallen asleep in an inappropriate situation?

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