Music: Musical Instruments

English Conversation Questions on Music: Musical Instruments

  • Do you think singing is easier than playing a musical instrument?
  • Do you think playing a musical instrument is a good hobby?
  • Do you play a musical instrument or you think this is not for you?
  • If you could play any musical instrument as well as a professional, which musical instrument would you choose? Why this one?
  • Which musical instrument do you think is the most difficult one to master? Why?
  • Do you know any people who can play more than one musical instrument?
  • What kind of character do you think you have to have to like singing publicly?
  • In future, would you like your children to play a musical instrument? Why / Why not?
  • Which musical instrument do you play?
  • How long have you played the musical instrument?
  • Do you want to play just a little for fun or do you want to master it?
  • Have you ever dreamt of playing the guitar, piano, drums, saxophone or another instrument in a world famous band?

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