Music: Power of Music

English Conversation Questions on Music: Power of Music

  • Do you think music is a powerful thing?
  • Do you think music is a drug?
  • Do you like listening to famous people’s opinions?
  • Do you think musicians or singers should not make political statements or do you think it is important to do it?
  • Have you ever felt the power of music when you went to a big concert?
  • Do you think music can be manipulative?
  • Can music affect people in a negative way?
  • Can music increase people’s efficiency?
  • Do you know any activities where music is used to unify people to do something?
  • Do you think music can affect unborn babies?
  • Do you think music has always been a very powerful thing historically?
  • Do you think music recording groups or corporations push composers to make rather mainstream music?

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