Sports: Betting on Sports

English Conversation Questions on Sports: Betting on Sports

  • Do you like speculating about who is going to be the winner in sports?
  • Have you heard of betting on sport results?
  • Do you like betting?
  • Do you think you enjoy the sports match more when you bet on it?
  • If you bet, how often do you do it and how much money do you usually bet?
  • Do you think betting is addictive?
  • Where do you think is the line between betting for fun and gambling?
  • Is betting on sports popular in your country or just among your friends?
  • Which bookmaker do you usually go to when you want to bet?
  • If you bet, do you think you are rather winning or losing?
  • What was the biggest sum of money you have won by betting?
  • Have you ever lost a lot of money on betting on sports?
  • Do you think children should be allowed to bet on sports or not?

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