Sports: Cross-Country Skiing

English Conversation Questions on Sports: Cross-Country Skiing

  • Have you ever been cross-country skiing?
  • Do you think this sport is typical rather for countries with long winters?
  • Is cross-country skiing popular in your country?
  • Do you think cross-country skiing is a hard sport?
  • How is cross-country skiing different from downhill skiing?
  • Which skills do you think you need to be a good cross-country skier?
  • Whicg equipment and clothes do you need to go cross-country skiing?
  • Are there any facilities for cross-country skiing in the place you are living?
  • Can cross-country skiing be a dangerous sport?
  • So you think cross-country skiing is an expensive sport?
  • Do you know any traditional cross-country races?
  • Have you heard of biathlon? Can you describe this sport?
  • Are there any typical injuries you can get when you have an accident?
  • Are you going to go cross-country skiing any soon?

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