Sports: Cycling, Biking, E-Bikes

English Conversation Questions on Sports: Cycling, Biking, E-Bikes

  • Do you have a bike?
  • Are you a fan of cycling?
  • Do you use a bike rather for transport or a sport?
  • At what age do you think people usually learn riding a bike?
  • Is cycling a popular sport in your country?
  • Do you have good conditions for cycling in the place you are living?
  • Which equipment do you need to ride a bike?
  • Are there any special clothes or protectors for cycling?
  • Which typical skills does a biker need to be a good biker?
  • Are there any typical injuries you can get as a biker?
  • Have you ever had a bike accident yourself?
  • What do you think of electric bikes (e-bikes)?
  • Do you think e-bikes are rather bikes or motorcycles?
  • What do you think of riding a bike and drinking alcohol?
  • Is cycling rather an expensive sport?
  • Which cycling disciplines are there when you are a professional cyclist?
  • Do you know any famous cyclists?
  • Are you going to go cycling any soon?

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