Sports: Hiking

English Conversation Questions on Sports: Hiking

  • When was the last time you went on a hike?
  • Do you hike regularly or spontaneously?
  • Are there good conditions to go hiking in the place you are from?
  • Is hiking popular in your country?
  • What gear do you need for a one-day hike?
  • When you are hiking, do you prefer staying overnight outdoor in a tent or do you book sleeping in a cottage?
  • What equipment do you need if you want to stay outdoor overnight?
  • Can hiking be dangerous?
  • Do you always have travel insurance when you go hiking?
  • Have you ever hiked any high mountains like the Himalayas or the Alps?
  • How would you charachterize hikers as people?
  • Do you read any books, magazines or blogs about hiking?
  • Are you going to hike a mountain soon?

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