Sports: Ice Hockey

English Conversation Questions on Sports: Ice Hockey

  • Have you ever played ice hockey?
  • Do people in your country like playing ice-hockey?
  • Who are the most famous hockey players, in your opinion?
  • Which ice hockey teams do you personally support?
  • Which ice hockey leagues do you think are the best in the world?
  • Do you personally play ice hockey or do you rather watch it on TV or online?
  • What special equipment do you need to play ice hockey?
  • Can you say a few basic rules of ice hockey?
  • How is it with time in ice hockey?
  • How many referees are there during a hockey match?
  • In your opinion, is ice hockey rather a slow or a fast sport?
  • How do you win a hockey match?
  • Is a draw possible in hockey?
  • Which things are typically not allowed in ice hockey?
  • What penalties are there for not playing fair play?
  • Can you briefly describe the ice hockey rink, the line, goals etc.?
  • Is ice hockey popular with girls and boys equally?
  • What is a typical ice hockey player like, talking about their character?
  • What do you think of violence in ice hockey?
  • Which other sports are similar to ice hockey, in your view?

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