Sports: Motorcycles, motorbikes, MotoGP

English Conversation Questions on Sports: Motorcycles, motorbikes, MotoGP

  • Can you ride a motorcycle?
  • Are you into motorcycle racing?
  • Which motorcycle disciplines can you name?
  • Do you know any differences between the types of motorcycles?
  • Can you name some of the motorcycle disciplines?
  • Which skills do you need to be a great rider?
  • Which equipment do the motobikers need?
  • Have you ever been to or seen a MotoGP?
  • Do you think the MotoGP is a dangerous sport? Why? / Why not?
  • What is special about the MotoGP motorcycles?
  • Do you know any famous motorbikers?
  • Are motorcycle races popular in your country?
  • Do you sometimes watch the fail videos about motorcycle crashes?

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