Sports: Olympic Games and Championships

English Conversation Questions on Sports: Olympic Games and Championships

  • Are you into the Olympic Games or other championships?
  • How often are the Olympic Games traditionally organized?
  • Do you know anything about the history of the Olympic Games?
  • In your opinion, does it take a lot of efforts to qualify for the Olympic Games?
  • Which athletic disciplines do you think are the hardest ones? Why?
  • Which disciplines in the Olympic Games do you enjoy the most?
  • Do you prefer the Summer Olympic Games or Winter Olympic Games?
  • Have the Olympic Games ever been organized in your country?
  • What do you think it means for the professional sportspeople to take part in the Olympic Games?
  • Have you ever been to the Olympic Games as a spectator or do you rather watch it on TV or online?
  • Are you going to watch the next Olympic Games?

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