Sports: Skiing

English Conversation Questions on Sports: Skiing

  • Do you often go skiing?
  • Is skiing popular in your country?
  • When was the last time you went skiing?
  • Do you have good ski resorts around the place you are living or do you need to travel to enjoy skiing?
  • Have you ever been skiing to high mountains like the Alps
  • What do you think is the optimal age to learn skiing?
  • Do you think it’s easier to ski or snowboard?
  • What is the difference between downhill skiing and cross-country skiing?
  • Which special equipment do you need for skiing?
  • Which typical clothes would you recommmend for a someone who wants to go skiing?
  • Do you prefer a ski lift or a cable car?
  • Do you think skiing is an expensive sport?
  • Do you think skiing can be dangerous?
  • Are there any typical skiing injuries?
  • Do you watch skiing on TV or online when there is a championship or Winter Olympic Games?
  • Do you know any famous skiers?
  • Do you enjoy acrobatic skiing or freestyle skiing?
  • Is it common to go on a skiing course at school in your country?
  • Are you thinking of going to a skiing holiday any soon?

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