Sports: Sports in Your Country and Town

English Conversation Questions on Sports: Sports in Your Country and Town

  • Is your country a sports nation?
  • Do people do a lot of sports in your country?
  • Which sports are the most popular ones in your country?
  • Why do you think people in your country enjoy these sports?
  • In the area you are living (a city, the country, mountains etc.), which sports do you think are the most popular?
  • In you town, is it common to do sports?
  • Which sports are definitely the most popular in your town?
  • Are there any special facilities for doing sports in your town or are there good natural conditions for doing sports?
  • Do children in your country do a lot of sports at schools?
  • Is the place you are living good for hiking and cycling?
  • Are there good conditions for swimming, surfing or sailing in the place you are living?

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