Sports: Squash

English Conversation Questions on Sports: Squash

  • Do you know squash?
  • Have you ever played squash?
  • Do you think squash is popular in your country?
  • How is squash different from tennis or badminton?
  • Is squash an outdoor or indoor sport?
  • Which equipment do you need to play squash?
  • Do you need any special clothes or shoes for playing squash?
  • Can you tell me the basic rules of squash and describe the squash court, the walls, the lines etc.?
  • Which skills do you need to be a good squash player?
  • Do you think you can get injured playing squash?
  • Are there enough facilities like squash courts in your city?
  • Is squash a good sport to play with your friends?
  • Are you going to play squash any soon?

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