Jesus’ miracles

English Conversation Questions on Jesus’ miracles

  • What are some of the miracles that Jesus performed according to the Bible?
  • Do you think these miracles were real, or were they simply stories that were passed down through generations?
  • What do you think was the purpose of Jesus’ miracles?
  • Which miracle do you find the most interesting or inspiring?
  • Do you believe that people today can perform miracles like Jesus did?
  • How do Jesus’ miracles relate to his teachings and message?
  • What role do you think Jesus’ miracles played in convincing people to follow him?
  • Do you think that Jesus’ miracles are still relevant and impactful today?
  • What do you think non-Christians might think about Jesus’ miracles?
  • How do Jesus’ miracles contribute to our understanding of who he was as a person?
  • Do you think that Jesus’ miracles were primarily intended to show his power and authority, or were they meant to serve a more practical purpose?

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