Buddhism: Karma and Rebirth

English Conversation Questions on Buddhism: Karma and Rebirth

  • What is the concept of Karma in Buddhism?
  • How does Karma influence our present and future lives according to Buddhist beliefs?
  • Is Karma deterministic or can it be changed?
  • How can one accumulate positive Karma and minimize negative Karma?
  • What is the role of intention in the creation of Karma?
  • Can a person’s past Karma be completely eradicated through good deeds?
  • What happens to a person’s Karma after death?
  • How does the concept of Karma differ from other religions or belief systems?
  • Can a person’s Karma be transferred to someone else?
  • What is the connection between Karma and rebirth in Buddhism?
  • How can the understanding of Karma help us lead a more meaningful and fulfilling life?

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