Business: Pro vs. con

English Conversation Questions on Business: Pro vs. con

  • What are the main arguments for and against businesses?
  • How do businesses contribute to the economy and society?
  • In what ways can businesses harm the environment and communities?
  • How do businesses balance their profits with ethical considerations?
  • What role do businesses play in creating and upholding social justice?
  • How do small businesses differ from large corporations in terms of their impact and responsibilities?
  • What are the potential consequences of monopolies and oligopolies in the business world?
  • How do businesses navigate government regulations and policies?
  • What are some examples of businesses that prioritize social and environmental responsibility?
  • How do businesses adapt to and influence cultural and societal changes?
  • What are the potential drawbacks of outsourcing and globalization for businesses and communities?
  • How do businesses address and mitigate issues of diversity and inclusion within their organizations?
  • What is the role of consumers in supporting or challenging the practices of businesses?
  • How do businesses address and respond to social and political activism and movements?
  • What are some potential solutions to address the negative impacts of businesses on people and the planet?

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