Cities and me

English Conversation Questions on Cities and me

  • Which city do you consider your hometown, and what makes it special to you?
  • Have you ever lived in a different city? If so, how was the experience different from your hometown?
  • What is your favorite city that you have visited, and what made it memorable?
  • What do you think makes a city great to live in?
  • Do you prefer living in a bustling city or a quieter town, and why?
  • What are some challenges you face living in your current city?
  • If you could live in any city in the world, which one would you choose and why?
  • What do you think is the most underrated city, and why do you believe it deserves more recognition?
  • How do you think cities will evolve in the future?
  • What is your opinion on urbanization and its impact on the environment?
  • Do you have any favorite local spots or hidden gems in your city that you would recommend to others?

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