Cosmetics and me

English Conversation Questions on Cosmetics and me

  • How important are cosmetics in your daily routine?
  • What is your favorite cosmetic product and why?
  • Do you prefer natural or synthetic cosmetics, and why?
  • Have you ever had any bad experiences with a cosmetic product?
  • What are your thoughts on animal testing in the cosmetics industry?
  • Do you follow any particular skincare or makeup routine? If yes, please share.
  • Are there any cosmetic trends or techniques that you find interesting or intriguing?
  • What is your opinion on the societal pressure to conform to certain beauty standards through the use of cosmetics?
  • Do you think the cosmetics industry should be more inclusive in terms of catering to diverse skin tones and types?
  • Do you enjoy experimenting with different cosmetic looks, or do you have a signature style?
  • How do you feel when you wear makeup versus when you don’t wear any?

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