My opinion on endangered species

English Conversation Questions on My opinion on endangered species

  • What is your general opinion about endangered species?
  • Do you believe enough is being done to protect endangered species?
  • Which endangered species do you feel most passionately about and why?
  • What are some of the main causes of species becoming endangered?
  • How can individuals contribute to the conservation of endangered species?
  • Do you think captive breeding programs are effective in saving endangered species?
  • Should governments prioritize the protection of endangered species over other pressing issues?
  • What are some economic and social benefits of preserving endangered species?
  • What role do you think zoos and wildlife sanctuaries play in the preservation of endangered species?
  • Are there any specific policies or initiatives you would like to see implemented to address the issue of endangered species?
  • What is the responsibility of humans in preventing the extinction of endangered species?

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