Food: Drinks, Beverages

English Conversation Questions on Food: Drinks, beverages

  • What have you drunk today and what are you planning to drink today?
  • What do you usually drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
  • Do you think you drink healthy drinks?
  • What would you say might be the unhealthy drinks?
  • What about you and alcoholic drinks?
  • If you drink alcoholic drinks, what are your preferences when you go out?
  • Are you into beer, wine or spirit?
  • Do you prefer drinking any specific types of beer, wine or spirit?
  • What is your usual limit when you drink alcohol?
  • Do you ever drink energy drinks?
  • What about drinking tea or coffee? How many cups do you drink a day?
  • Do you drink milk? How much a day?
  • Do you drink fresh drinks made of fresh fruit or vegetables?
  • Do you like hot chocolate or milk shakes?
  • What is your favourite drink on a summer day?
  • Do you like trying new drinks?
  • Which beverages do you think are the most popular in the world and in your country?

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