Food: Places Where I Like Having My Food

English Conversation Questions on Food: Places where I like having my food

  • Do you prefer eating out or eating at home?
  • Honestly, which place in your house do you prefer having your meals or snacks?
  • Do you often eat on your couch or in your bed?
  • Do you like eating outdoor, like in a park or on the garden?
  • A lot of people like eating in a car, what about you?
  • Do you often buy food on petrol stations?
  • Do you like having your meals in a calm place without any people or do you enjoy eating with others?
  • When you go out, do you prefer eating in slow food restaurants like the more expensive ones, or fast food restaurants like bistros, diners etc.?
  • What is your favourite slow food restaurant and fast food restaurant? Why?
  • Do you like takeaway food?
  • Do you often order meals to your house?
  • Do you like eating at your parents’?
  • What is the best place you have ever eaten?
  • Is there a place in your town where everybody knows they cook really badly?

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