Gender equality: Breaking glass ceilings

English Conversation Questions on Gender equality: Breaking glass ceilings

  • What are some examples of significant glass ceilings that have been broken in recent years?
  • How does breaking glass ceilings contribute to overall gender equality?
  • What challenges do individuals often face when attempting to shatter glass ceilings?
  • Can you think of any industries or fields where glass ceilings still persist?
  • What role do mentorship and support networks play in helping individuals break glass ceilings?
  • How can organizations promote and facilitate the breaking of glass ceilings within their ranks?
  • What impact do prominent role models and success stories have on encouraging others to pursue breaking glass ceilings?
  • Do you believe that media representation and portrayal play a role in challenging or reinforcing glass ceilings?
  • Are there cultural or societal factors that can either hinder or facilitate progress in breaking glass ceilings?
  • What are some strategies for advocating for policy changes that promote gender equality and break glass ceilings?
  • How can individuals contribute to breaking glass ceilings in their everyday lives?

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