Greenwashing Overview

English Conversation Questions on Greenwashing Overview

  • What is your understanding of the term “greenwashing”?
  • Why do you think companies engage in greenwashing practices?
  • How can greenwashing potentially harm both consumers and the environment?
  • What are some common strategies that companies use to create a greenwashing illusion?
  • Can you explain the difference between genuine sustainability efforts and greenwashing?
  • Are there any industries that you believe are more prone to greenwashing than others? Why?
  • What role do advertising and branding play in greenwashing?
  • How has the rise of social media and online communication impacted the prevalence of greenwashing?
  • In your opinion, what responsibilities do consumers have in identifying and addressing greenwashing?
  • What are some ways that governments and regulatory bodies can combat greenwashing?
  • How can organizations and companies be held accountable for their greenwashing practices?

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