The Mongol Empire

English Conversation Questions on The Mongol Empire

  • What were the major accomplishments of the Mongol Empire?
  • What impact did the Mongol Empire have on the spread of religion and culture?
  • How did the Mongol Empire’s military tactics contribute to its success?
  • What role did Genghis Khan play in the formation and expansion of the Mongol Empire?
  • How did the Mongol Empire’s system of governance differ from that of other empires at the time?
  • What are some common misconceptions about the Mongol Empire?
  • How did the Mongol Empire’s trade and economic policies impact its subjects and neighbors?
  • What was the relationship between the Mongol Empire and the Chinese dynasties that preceded and followed it?
  • How did the Mongol Empire’s treatment of conquered peoples compare to other empires of the time?
  • What role did the Mongol Empire play in the spread of the bubonic plague?
  • How has the legacy of the Mongol Empire been remembered and interpreted in different cultures and historical periods?

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