Mom’s cooking skills

English Conversation Questions on Mom’s cooking skills

  • What is your favorite dish that your mom cooks?
  • Has your mom ever taught you any of her cooking secrets or recipes?
  • Are there any dishes that your mom makes that you have tried to replicate?
  • What is the most memorable meal your mom has cooked for you?
  • How would you describe your mom’s cooking style?
  • Do you have any funny or interesting stories related to your mom’s cooking?
  • Has your mom ever surprised you with a new dish that she learned to cook?
  • Do you have any favorite childhood dishes that your mom used to make?
  • Have you ever cooked a meal together with your mom? How did it turn out?
  • What is one dish that you would love to learn how to cook from your mom?
  • How do you think your mom’s cooking has influenced your own taste in food?

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