NASA: International Space Station

English Conversation Questions on NASA: International Space Station

  • What is the purpose of the International Space Station (ISS) and how does it contribute to scientific research?
  • How long has the ISS been in operation, and what major milestones or accomplishments have been achieved during its existence?
  • What are the key countries involved in the ISS program, and how do they collaborate to maintain and operate the station?
  • What types of experiments and studies are conducted aboard the ISS, and how do they benefit life on Earth?
  • What challenges does NASA face in sustaining the ISS in terms of crew rotations, resupply missions, and maintenance?
  • How does the ISS serve as a platform for testing technologies and conducting research that will aid future space exploration missions?
  • What role does the ISS play in international cooperation and diplomacy in the realm of space exploration?
  • Are there any plans to expand or enhance the capabilities of the ISS in the future?
  • How does NASA ensure the safety and well-being of astronauts during their stay on the ISS?
  • How does the ISS serve as a training ground for future deep space missions, such as those aimed at Mars?
  • What are some notable discoveries or breakthroughs that have resulted from research conducted on the ISS?

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