Current events on racism

English Conversation Questions on Current events on racism

  • What recent incidents related to racism have been making headlines?
  • How has social media played a role in highlighting current events related to racism?
  • What steps are being taken by organizations or individuals to address racism in society today?
  • Are there any ongoing protests or movements focused on combating racism?
  • How have recent events impacted public awareness and discussion around racism?
  • What are some notable cases or stories that have emerged regarding racial discrimination?
  • How has the media covered recent incidents of racism, and what impact has it had?
  • Have there been any significant policy changes or legal developments related to racism?
  • What role do public figures, celebrities, or influencers play in raising awareness about racism?
  • What are some examples of solidarity and allyship demonstrated in response to current events on racism?
  • What are some international perspectives on the current state of racism?

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