Ramadan and charity

English Conversation Questions on Ramadan and charity

  • How does Ramadan encourage charitable acts?
  • What are some common forms of charity practiced during Ramadan?
  • Can you share a personal experience of participating in a charitable activity during Ramadan?
  • How does giving to charity during Ramadan benefit both the giver and the recipient?
  • Are there any specific charities or organizations that are commonly supported during Ramadan?
  • What role does Zakat (obligatory charity) play during Ramadan?
  • How does the concept of charity extend beyond monetary donations during Ramadan?
  • Do you think charity should be practiced year-round or specifically during Ramadan? Why?
  • How can individuals encourage others to engage in charitable acts during Ramadan?
  • What impact do charitable activities during Ramadan have on the community?
  • What are some challenges people face in participating in charitable activities during Ramadan and how can they be overcome?

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