School: School Uniforms

English Conversation Questions on School: School Uniforms

  • What do you think of wearing school uniforms?
  • Did you or do you go to school where students wear uniforms?
  • What does a school uniform usually consist of?
  • What advantages are there as for wearing school uniforms?
  • What disadvantages does wearing school uniforms have?
  • Do you think school uniforms make social differences smaller?
  • Do you think school uniforms damage students’ individuality?
  • Do you think there should be school uniforms in every school?
  • If you were a student, would you like to wear a school uniform or not?
  • Is wearing a uniform at school normal in your country?
  • Do you think students who have to wear a uniform always find some other way to differ from each other?
  • If you were a school uniform designer, which design would you recommend?

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