Stalking: Recognizing Signs

English Conversation Questions on Stalking: Recognizing Signs

  • What are some common behaviors or actions that might indicate someone is being stalked?
  • How can someone differentiate between normal attention and behavior and stalking?
  • What role does technology and social media play in facilitating stalking behaviors?
  • Can you provide examples of indirect signs that might suggest someone is a victim of stalking?
  • How might a person’s intuition or gut feeling help them recognize potential stalking situations?
  • What should individuals do if they suspect a friend or family member is being stalked?
  • Are there certain patterns in the stalker’s behavior that victims should be aware of?
  • How can education and awareness campaigns help people recognize the signs of stalking?
  • What preventive measures can someone take if they suspect they are at risk of being stalked?
  • Are there any misconceptions or myths about stalking that hinder the ability to recognize its signs?
  • What resources are available for individuals to learn more about identifying and understanding stalking?

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