Reflecting on the past year

English Conversation Questions on Reflecting on the past year

  • What were the highlights and low points of the past year for you?
  • How do you usually reflect on the passing year and set goals for the upcoming one?
  • What lessons have you learned from the challenges and experiences you faced in the past year?
  • What accomplishments or personal growth are you proud of from the previous year?
  • How do you navigate through difficult times and find resilience?
  • What are some ways you celebrate your achievements and milestones from the past year?
  • How do you prioritize self-care and well-being when reflecting on the past year?
  • What changes or improvements would you like to make in the next year based on your reflections?
  • How do you express gratitude for the positive aspects of the past year?
  • What strategies do you use to stay motivated and maintain a positive mindset when reflecting on the past year?
  • What advice would you give to someone who finds it challenging to reflect on the past year?

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