Academy Awards: Surprise snubs

English Conversation Questions on Academy Awards: Surprise snubs

  • What are some of the biggest surprise snubs in Academy Awards history?
  • Why do you think some critically acclaimed films or performances get overlooked during awards season?
  • How do you think the Academy could improve its nomination and voting process to prevent snubs?
  • Do you think that some genres or types of films are more likely to be snubbed than others? If so, why?
  • What are some recent examples of surprise snubs at the Academy Awards?
  • How much do you think politics and industry politics play a role in the Academy’s nomination and voting process?
  • How much do you think box office success or lack thereof affects a film’s chances of receiving nominations and awards?
  • Do you think that the Academy should prioritize recognizing popular and widely beloved films over critically acclaimed but lesser-known ones?
  • What are some examples of films or performances that were initially snubbed by the Academy but later became recognized as classic or iconic?
  • Do you think that the Academy Awards are still relevant and important in today’s culture and society?
  • How do you think the pandemic has affected the Academy Awards and the films and performances that are recognized?

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