My opinion on alternative medicine

English Conversation Questions on My opinion on alternative medicine

  • What is your general opinion on alternative medicine?
  • Have you ever tried any alternative medicine practices or treatments? If so, what was your experience like?
  • What are some alternative medicine techniques or therapies that you find interesting or intriguing?
  • Do you think alternative medicine can be a valid alternative to conventional medicine in certain cases? Why or why not?
  • What are some potential benefits and drawbacks of alternative medicine?
  • How do you think alternative medicine is perceived by society in general?
  • What role do you believe alternative medicine should play in the healthcare system?
  • What factors do you consider when deciding whether to try alternative medicine or stick to conventional medical treatments?
  • Are there any alternative medicine practices that you are skeptical about or do not believe in? Why?
  • What would it take for alternative medicine to gain more widespread acceptance and recognition?
  • Have you had any discussions or debates with others about alternative medicine? What were the main points of disagreement?

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