Army: Combat tactics learned

English Conversation Questions on Army: Combat tactics learned

  • What are some of the combat tactics you learned while in the army?
  • How have these tactics helped you in your civilian life?
  • What was the most challenging combat tactic to learn?
  • Can you describe a specific combat scenario where you used these tactics?
  • How do combat tactics differ from one branch of the military to another?
  • Do you think the combat tactics you learned are still relevant in modern warfare?
  • What role does teamwork play in executing combat tactics?
  • How do you stay sharp and maintain proficiency in combat tactics once you’ve left the army?
  • Do you think civilians can benefit from learning some basic combat tactics?
  • How has your experience in the army changed your perspective on conflict and violence?
  • What advice would you give to someone who wants to join the military and learn combat tactics?

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