Crime: Piracy, Downloading, Copyright

English Conversation Questions on Piracy, Downloading, Copyright

  • Is piracy a serious problem in your country?
  • Do you personally consider stealing intellectual property a serious crime or rather not?
  • Can you name any examples of stealing intellectual property?
  • Do you know any ways how to download illegally?
  • Do you download illegally?
  • Do you use any special software to download movies, software or music illegally?
  • Why do you think people download illegally?
  • Do you think web pages that make it possible to download illegally should be banned by governments?
  • Do you think stealing intellectual property will increase or decrease in the future?
  • Do you think people should generally respect copyright and avoid privacy?
  • Is it a crime to for example make copies of textbooks for schools in poor countries where there is not enough money to get them legally?

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