First aid: Choking Incidents

English Conversation Questions on First aid: Choking Incidents

  • What are the signs that someone is choking, and why is it a critical situation?
  • Explain the Heimlich maneuver and how it’s performed on an adult.
  • How does the technique differ when performing the Heimlich maneuver on an infant or child?
  • What should you do if someone is coughing forcefully but can’t breathe, speak, or make noise?
  • Describe the steps to assist a conscious choking victim who is unable to cough or speak.
  • When is back blows used as a response to a choking incident?
  • What’s the role of abdominal thrusts in clearing a blocked airway?
  • Can you explain the recommended procedure for pregnant or obese choking victims?
  • Why is it important to encourage a conscious choking victim to cough first?
  • What actions should you take if a choking person becomes unconscious?
  • How can you prevent choking incidents from occurring in the first place?

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