Habits: Study Habits

English Conversation Questions on Study Habits

  • What are the good study habits in your opinion?
  • Do you prepare for school or work long before or shortly before you need to be prepared?
  • Do you think cramming, parroting, or just memorizing is a good study habit?
  • Do you think studying with music on is a bad habit?
  • Do you think not turning your phone off when studying is a bad habit?
  • Do you think studying in a place like a café is a good study habit?
  • Is it helpful for you to study in a team and do you think it’s a good habit?
  • Do you think doing things right before the deadline is a bad habit?
  • Which do you think are the bad study habits?
  • Does it help you to use a computer when you are studying? Is it a good habit?
  • Are there any applications that help you with studying?
  • Do you think using applications to get your homework done quickly without learning it is a bad habit?
  • Do you think using an online translator when doing homework for your foreign language classes is a good or a bad habit?
  • Which are some habits that could improve your English?

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