Jesus’ message

English Conversation Questions on Jesus’ message

  • What were the core teachings of Jesus during his ministry?
  • How did Jesus describe the concept of the Kingdom of God?
  • What is the significance of the Sermon on the Mount in understanding Jesus’ message?
  • Did Jesus emphasize the importance of love and compassion? How did he demonstrate this?
  • What role did Jesus’ parables play in conveying his message?
  • How did Jesus challenge the religious authorities of his time with his teachings?
  • Did Jesus promote any specific ethical or moral principles?
  • What did Jesus teach about forgiveness and redemption?
  • What was Jesus’ stance on social justice and caring for the marginalized?
  • Did Jesus’ message primarily focus on the afterlife or did it have relevance for people’s lives in the present?
  • How did Jesus’ message compare to the teachings of other religious leaders of his time?

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