Assault rifle ban debate

English Conversation Questions on Assault rifle ban debate

  • What is an assault rifle and how does it differ from other types of firearms?
  • Why are assault rifles controversial?
  • What is the current policy on assault rifles in the United States?
  • What is the argument for a ban on assault rifles?
  • What is the argument against a ban on assault rifles?
  • What other countries have implemented a ban on assault rifles and what has been the impact?
  • Do you think a ban on assault rifles would be effective in reducing gun violence?
  • What are some alternative solutions to reducing gun violence that do not involve a ban on assault rifles?
  • What role do mental health and access to mental health resources play in the debate on assault rifles?
  • How have mass shootings involving assault rifles impacted the debate on a ban?
  • Do you think the Second Amendment protects the right to own assault rifles? Why or why not?

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