Music: Making Music

English Conversation Questions on Music: Making Music

  • Have you ever thought of being a professional singer?
  • Do you think you could start a music band?
  • If you started a music band, which style would you want to play?
  • If you started a band, would you play cover music or compose your original music?
  • Do you or did you have a music class at school?
  • Could you play a musical instrument in a band?
  • Can you compose music on your computer?
  • What do you think of people who can compose music?
  • Do you think people need to have special skills to make music?
  • Do you think anyone can make music?
  • Do you think some people should never sing or play music?
  • How do you think musicians make their money?
  • If you made a fortune playing music, would you give some money to a charity?

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