Music: Concert experiences

English Conversation Questions on Music: Concert experiences

  • What is the most memorable concert experience you’ve had?
  • Do you prefer large stadium concerts or smaller, more intimate shows? Why?
  • Have you ever been to a concert that was ruined by poor sound quality or other technical issues?
  • What is the best concert you’ve ever been to and why?
  • Do you prefer to see live music in a seated venue or standing room only? Why?
  • What is the most expensive concert ticket you’ve ever purchased? Was it worth the cost?
  • Have you ever seen a concert where the artist was visibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol? How did it affect the performance?
  • Do you believe that concerts are an important part of the music industry, or do you think that streaming services have made them less necessary?
  • What is the largest concert venue you’ve ever attended?
  • Have you ever been to a music festival? If so, which one and what was your experience like?
  • What is the longest concert you’ve ever attended? Was it worth staying for the entire show?
  • Do you prefer to attend concerts alone or with friends? Why?
  • What is the farthest you’ve ever traveled for a concert? Was it worth the trip?
  • Have you ever had a negative concert experience due to unruly or disrespectful fans?
  • Do you think that the cost of concert tickets is too high, or do you believe that artists should be able to charge whatever they want?

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