Music: Music Styles

English Conversation Questions on Music: Music Styles

  • Which music styles are your favourite ones?
  • Do you like all kinds of music?
  • Is there a music style you really can’t listen to?
  • Are you rather interested in the music of a song or the lyrics?
  • Which music styles are more about music and which are more about lyrics?
  • Does the music style influence people in what outfit they wear?
  • Does the music style you like influence your look somehow?
  • Are you really into a certain music style or you like a variety of them?
  • What do you think of rock music?
  • Are you a fan of country music?
  • Do you like reggae music?
  • Are you a fan of dance music?
  • Do you like jazz or blues music?
  • What about rap and hiphop music?
  • Do you listen to metal or heavy metal?

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