Sexism: Media representation

English Conversation Questions on Sexism: Media representation

  • What do you think about the way women are portrayed in the media?
  • Do you believe that the media perpetuates sexist stereotypes?
  • How do you think the media affects people’s attitudes towards gender?
  • Do you think that the media has a responsibility to portray gender in a certain way?
  • What can be done to improve the representation of women in the media?
  • What impact do you think the #MeToo movement has had on media representation of gender?
  • What are some positive examples of gender representation in the media that you have seen?
  • Do you think that media representation of gender affects the way people view themselves?
  • How can we educate media creators about the harmful effects of sexist representation?
  • What role do you think consumers of media have in promoting positive gender representation?
  • Do you believe that there has been progress made in improving media representation of gender?

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