Sexism: Misogynistic culture

English Conversation Questions on Sexism: Misogynistic culture

  • What is your understanding of misogyny?
  • Can you give examples of misogyny in today’s culture?
  • What impact does misogynistic culture have on women and girls?
  • Do you believe that misogyny is still prevalent in the workplace?
  • How can we work to combat misogyny in everyday life?
  • What role do men play in perpetuating or combating misogyny?
  • Do you believe that media and popular culture perpetuate misogynistic attitudes?
  • What are some steps individuals can take to unlearn misogyny?
  • What are some ways we can support and empower women who are victims of misogyny?
  • How can we teach future generations to reject misogynistic attitudes and behaviors?
  • What steps can society take to address and eradicate misogyny?

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