Twitter Scandals

English Conversation Questions on Twitter Scandals

  • How do you define a “Twitter scandal” and what are some common examples?
  • Can you discuss the impact of Twitter scandals on individuals and organizations?
  • What are some notable instances where Twitter scandals led to real-world consequences?
  • Are there any strategies or best practices that individuals and organizations can adopt to avoid or handle Twitter scandals?
  • How does misinformation spread on Twitter during scandals, and what are the potential dangers?
  • What role does Twitter play in holding public figures and celebrities accountable during scandals?
  • Can you discuss the ethical considerations surrounding the coverage and discussion of Twitter scandals?
  • How has Twitter as a platform evolved in terms of handling and addressing scandals?
  • Are there any instances where Twitter scandals have had positive outcomes or sparked important conversations?
  • How do Twitter scandals affect public perception of individuals and organizations involved?
  • Can you provide any advice on navigating Twitter during periods of heightened scandal or controversy?

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